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DRI Nigeria’s Corporate Training Program aligns your training needs with your business continuity goals and objectives. Bringing DRI training to you and your team allows business continuity planning training in an environment delivered in coordination with your company’s values and culture. When selecting the program that is right for your team, it needs to sync with your corporate environment and organizational practices. DRI Nigeria’s instructors are able to do just that.

Our training supports your program development, team building and awareness efforts through the delivery of a globally-recognized education provided by the certification leader in business continuity. Part of corporate training is to accentuate your workforce’s core knowledge and learning processes while reinforcing company vision and ideology. By providing the training at your location, our discussion of best practice, trends and standards is presented in a familiar context without the distraction of travel or other agendas.

Corporate training is effective and efficient. Here are some of the reasons to consider training your team with DRI:

  • Reduced costs for employee travel, if any
  • Focus on the company or your industry specifics
  • Develop a coherent approach to planning
  • High profile events that draw the attention of management
  • High profile events that help shape awareness
  • Help build stronger teams

All courses on the current curriculum are available for delivery as a part of a Corporate Training Program. The courses can vary in length and size (half-day workshops, week-long or long weekend-courses for small classes or your whole company). These programs can be customized for specific outcomes as required by the organization. DRI’s Education Department can tailor a training program to match your organization’s needs either by adapting an existing program or by developing a new one.

For more information and to find out how our Corporate Training programs can work for you, please contact us at 03-9205 8589 or info@dri-nigeria.org to get started.