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The Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International www.drii.org) is the oldest and largest educational and certification not-for-profit organization in the world committed to promoting a base of common knowledge for the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management industry. For more than 25 years DRI International has set the standard for professionalism in business continuity planning and has provided the profession’s premier certification and education. As at end of 2012, we have more than 9,600 active Business Continuity professionals and members in good standing in the world. Our copyrighted educational program is conducted over 45 countries via our International affiliates. Our certifications ensure employers that certified professionals have an in-depth understanding of business continuity as they must maintain their level of knowledge through continuing education in order to maintain their certifications. In Asia Pacific, DRI International is the only Business Continuity certification recognized by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). It is our mission and commitment to serve the educational, certification and standards in Business Continuity Planning and Management globally based on International Standards and Best Practices.

DRI International is an accredited Standards Development Organization serving on committees and panels that provide guidance to both private and government sectors in formulating standards and regulations. Our participation guarantees that business continuity professionals will have an active voice in discussions that will define the future of our profession.

Our programs are derived from the DRI International’s one standing commission made up of highly motivated volunteer-commissioners working on the policies and procedures, developing and monitoring existing and future certifications and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for strategic direction. In the commission, the Certification Sub Committee is involved in overseeing the qualification exams and interview or application procedures necessary for certification. The Education Sub Committee is charged with reviewing course content, delivery methods, maintaining high standards for course materials and instructors, and planning for future course needs and delivery systems.

DRI Nigeria(www.dri-nigeria.org)was established in 2008 to promote and complement DRI International’s professional copyrighted BCM educational and certification programs within the region. All our BCM training programs are conducted under the support and guidance of DRI International. It is our mission and commitment to educating, certifying and growing together with public and private sectors and individuals in the area of business continuity planning and management based on DRI’s International Standards and Best Practices.

The Nigerian chapter of DRI has been actively growing since its establishment under the direction of passionate leaders dedicated to educating professionals at the forefront of Nigerian businesses and the surrounding region on the significance of BCM in the marketplace today

Mission Statement:

Promote a base of common knowledge for business continuity planning/disaster recovery field through education, assistance, and publication of the standard resource base. Facilitate cooperation with public and private sectors to promote the standards and professional practices of business continuity management.

Vision Statement:

“Enable certified professionals worldwide to successfully prepare their organizations to survive outages and continue or resume daily business operations.”